Bag Boy Triswivel II Push Cart Review


The Bag Boy Triswivel II is a great golf push cart that any golfer will appreciate owning and using. It comes with three maintenance-free strong foam wheels, an unrigid handle with a practical grip, and an aluminum body. This work will review the Bagboy Triswivel II.

Bag Boy Triswivel II Review

Bag Boy Triswivel II Review (Description)

The Bag Boy TriSwivel II is a great product that helps to improve your exercise and ditch your golf cart. The 3-wheel cart is compact, sleek, and functional. One of the best features of this cart is the simple fold-up capability and a nice sleek design. Bag Boy presents a fresh twist on its old 3-wheeler, showing the TriSwivel pushcart along with a pivoting wheel in the front. This TriSwivel is a great dream to push on the course, especially on cart fairways and paths.

Bag Boy Triswivel II Review (Features)

Easy One-step handle and Easy three-step fold;

Bag Boy Triswivel II features a simple one-step handle adjustment that accommodates golf players of all categories or heights. Also, the Bagboy comes with a simple three steps fold.

Weight and Size

The TriSwivel is not entirely wide or long when folded. The weight is just 16 Ibs. You can get creative in fitting the TriSwivel and a range of clubs in small trunks. And anyone without a minivan or an SUV would not have much luck in fitting the two club sets and the two TriSwivels without taking some of the seats of the back.


The TriSwivel appears slightly more upright than the other carts; thus, you might not draw appreciative looks because of the styling. It’s presently in four diverse colors; white, silver, black, and red.

Accessories and Storage

The accessories and storage features on the Bag Boy Quad are; A fairly sized essential tray that has a magnetic lid. Another is a big zippered storage pouch, which is about the size of a shoe bag. Further is a metal clip that is attached to the valuables tray lid, which is crafted to hold a scorecard and secure or get a pencil. It also comes with an umbrella mount that holds the umbrella upright to offer you shelter when it rains. More so, it contains a huge boy-sized bottle or cup holder that has no problems with big larger bottles. Finally, there are six holes used for storing or saving extra tees.

Other Bag Boy Triswivel II features include;

A front of 9.5″ and a rear 11.5″ oversized wheels that are rolled simply in the grass.

It features solid foam, Lightweight, and free tire maintenance.

It also comes with an integrated ball holder and tee. And an integrated beverage holder.

You can lock the Swivel wheel into a place through engaging remote Swivel Lock Out in long distances or hills walking.

There are cart and stand bags that have a compatible upper bag with a bracket.

Bag Boy Triswivel II also comes with a weather-resistant aluminum frame.


The Pivoting front wheel greatly reduces the energy needed to push your cart around.

It contains an adjustable velcro strap present to secure your bag at the bottom and top strongly.

It has a smooth wheel that rolls.


The cart is very expensive.

It is bulky when folded.

It doesn’t have simple manual instruction.


What’s inside the bag boy TriSwivel 11?

The cart is 100 percent prepared to move right out of the box. If you wish to accessorize the cart, you could add several options. You will see a matching dirtbag that aids in keeping the trunk clean.

How much does the cart weigh?

This cart weighs about 17 pounds.

What’s the dimension?

The folded dimension is 23.5 X 13 X 24.


This Bag Boy costs $269.95. Thus, it puts it as the costliest golf pushcart. However, the good side is that the pivoting front wheel has been a revelation. It shows improvement more than the previous Bag Boy entries. Even though it costs more than the others, your shoulders, back, and arms will enjoy the extra expense.

Since it’s launch, Bagboy Triswivel has been the best brand that offers a significantly improved, innovative, and excellently designed golf cart that greatly fit your nice taste.