Mizuno MP 20 Irons Review


As a genuine market leader, Mizuno has long been considered. Both amateurs and practitioners agree that Mizuno forgings have something specific. So, Mizuno ends up paying very few golfers on Tour to use their goods, yet you see them all around the world in the bags of pro players. This tradition of greatness continues with the latest line of Mizuno MP-20 irons.

Mizuno MP 20 Irons Review

Mizuno MP 20 Irons Review (Description)

As per Mizuno, a thin copper coat embodying the head was the only missing feature from the classic models to the more recent MP irons. And just to see if participants could see the variation, six blind pros from the Mizuno PGA Tour evaluated these new copper models against non-coated models, and all six found that the copper iron offered a more substantial feeling. Understandably, all three recent MP-20 irons, the MB, MMC, and the hollow-body HMB feature this technology. Simple muscle back with a new method of tapering blade thickness.

As the irons get thinner, the principle increasingly places extra mass higher and lower in the blade. It increases vertical stability and forgiveness on high and low face hits, Mizuno notes and strengthens distance control accuracy in the scoring clubs.

The top line is narrower than any latest MP Iron model in reaction to tour player reviews. As you would imagine, much like the original TN-87, the MB has a classic tour-ready design, and there are a modern satin and mirror polish finish that prevents high contrast in the address spot, always a problem with shiny blades.

Mizuno MP20 muscle back irons do not deviate too much from their branding as pure blades with their streamlined form, thin topline, and narrow head.

They are the household’s most workable iron, an ingredient further strengthened by the soft copper plating, and they are the Tour’s hallmark Mizuno iron.

With little taper in the long iron for a lower ideal range and high launch, marginally more in the middle iron for a mid-launch flight, and an extreme taper in the short iron for a higher launch and lower trajectory, the head-shape tapers steadily over the package.

The Mizuno MP20 muscle back blades’ top line has been made thinner than the original MP18 iteration, and a cambered sole enhances forgiveness, but hackers proceed with caution: most importantly, these are blades.

Mizuno MP 20 Irons Review (Features)

Ultra-High-Quality Components: Mizuno has a reputation for paying top dollar on their components to make their golf clubs. No exception is 1025E Pure Select Steel and Chromoly. Mizuno engineers have drilled all the down to the molecular structure to guarantee their components are the softest and best available for club building.

Diligent consideration to specifics: Mizuno artisans in Hiroshima uses a method to create the MP-20 club heads called Grain Flow, High-Density Forging. For 30 years, the Japanese establishment has been making clubs for Mizuno. That is precisely the kind of tenure and professionalism that will deliver unrivaled outcomes.

Immaculate Standards: There’s really no such thing as the Mizuno commodity “Tour Issue.” It’s fair enough for you, for me, or for Brooks Koepka if a club drops a Mizuno vine. There is a set of tolerances for Mizuno; clubs are either decent enough to call themselves Mizuno, or they will not see a golf course. Easy and extraordinary.

Texture: Mizuno MP irons still feel fantastic, and seeing that the MP-20 MBs have been advertised by the company as all about feeling, you would be shocked if they didn’t. These irons, of course, also met expectations.


Great feel, regulation of distance, and practicability in the models of MB and MMC.

Although the HMB provides a more distance-oriented proposition, the compact look would suit the better player’s mind.


We were hoping that the HMB model would feel hotter than it did. A considerable rise in costs for two of the models.

The lack of distance

The pretty low error margin


What versions are available with MP-20 irons?

Mizuno has launched four models: the MP-20 MB iron, the MP-20 MMC iron, the MP-20 HMB iron, and the MP-20 SEL iron.

How much does it pay for Mizuno MP-20 irons?

At the upper end of the market, the Mizuno MP-20 irons are located, but prices differ from seller to seller.


Mizuno did a great job assembling the MP-20 iron collection. And like all good desserts need a large amount of icing, they sell hundreds of shafts and grips at no price. Although the iron is not inexpensive (and should not be with the consistency of the products and study you buy), at no extra charge, Mizuno promises to put you in the shaft and grip that suits your game primarily.