Callaway Solaire Review


Golf is one of the few sports on earth that accommodates everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are fat, tall, short, old, young or middle-aged. It also doesn’t matter if you are a woman. One of the factors that made golf so versatile and all-encompassing is the use of equipment. The equipment that you would require to play golf can best be described as personalized. When purchasing your equipment, you have to be on the lookout for a lot of things so that you don’t get the wrong item. Luckily for female golfers, you don’t have to go through too much stress to find the right product. Golf equipment manufacturers have gone out of their way to produce golf sets that are uniquely designed to fit the size, strength, weight and height of women. In this review, we are going to be considering an excellent product manufactured by one of the leading names in the golf industry; Callaway.

If you are a female golfer looking for the perfect equipment set, then this Callaway women’s Solaire golf set would be a good product to consider. Callaway Women’s Solaire Complete Golf Set. This golf set has been uniquely designed to fit petite and average stature women; as long as your height ranges from 5’1 to 5’11, then these golf clubs are perfectly sized for you. As a beginner, your game is sure to improve when you start using this golf set. It comes with everything you require to play the game and enjoy it. The clubs are also very easy to swing due to their lightweight design. This set contains a titanium infused driver, fairway woods, irons, a putter, a sand wedge, a cart bag and hybrids. It is also very stylish, and it comes in different colours. The price is a bit on the upside, but the quality that you get is definitely worth the price.

Key Features

11-piece set

This 11- piece set comes with excellent clubs. The driver is forged with titanium which helps you hit the ball with ease and gain more distance on your shots. The irons are also very forgiving. Also, the putter that this golf set utilizes is considered as one of the best on the golf market. This set also comes with 2 hybrids and multiple headcovers. You should check it out.

Designed to fit

When we described this product has designed to fit, we mean that this product will work perfectly well for any woman. If your height is between 5’1 to 5’11, then this product is just right for you. It is also possible that you might be extra tall or extra petite, be rest assured that Callaway has you covered.

Lightweight structure

The shafts of these clubs are made from steel and graphite. They have also been uniquely built with a low centre of gravity, and they utilize ladies flex. All these features combine to make the clubs lightweight.

Easy to launch

The clubs have also been designed in such a way that makes them easy to swing. Women are generally considered to have slower swing speeds than men, and that is why the flex, shaft and clubheads of these golf clubs are all structured and adaptable to a woman’s strength and size.

Suitable for beginners and intermediate golfers

These golf clubs come with game improvement technology that makes it almost impossible for you not to maximize your performance when you use them. They are structured in a way that gives you more forgiveness on mishits and allows you to gain more distance on your shots.

Premium design

This is a very important factor for female golfers, and Callaway recognizes this. Women like to step out looking classy and elegant. The good news is that when you step out on the golf course with this package set, you will look attractive. Another interesting thing is that this bag comes in blue, black, champagne and cherry blossom. Choose well and enjoy golfing.

Comes with a cart bag

It is also very easy to transport the clubs from one place to other thanks to this cart bag. The bag is not only good for holding golf clubs, but it also has numerous pockets that can hold personal belongings like phones, watches and water bottles.


  • Brand name: Callaway
  • Hand orientation: Right


Helps to improve your game

As a beginner or an intermediate, these golf clubs will allow you to hit higher, longer and straighter shots. Ultimately, they allow you to gain more distance on your shots and in case of mishits, they also make room for forgiveness. They have been uniquely designed to help you play better and achieve maximum performance.

Lightweight; easy to swing

For women, a lightweight golf set is a necessity. Fortunately, most of the prior users of this set all agree that these golf clubs are as light as feathers and easy to launch. This is made possible by the combination of a ladies flex, graphite shafts and lightweight clubheads. You can easily attain higher loft shots without too much stress.

Quality, durable golf clubs

You can expect nothing less from this Callaway signature product. Rest assured; this product has been crafted from the highest quality materials available. If you ever decide to change your golf set, it won’t be because this product got spoilt. Theses clubs are durable, and they last very long.

Perfectly fitted for women

When we describe this set as been perfectly fitted for women, we are talking about the strength, size and weight of the clubs. According to various female golfers who have used and reviewed this product, they found it more comfortable than any other set they have used in the past. If you are a left-handed female golfer, this product also comes in left-handed options.

Stylish design

This golf set is also very elegant. When you step out on the golf course, you can do it looking stylish and elegant. All your equipment has been perfectly packed in a nice-looking cart bag. There are also multiple colour choices that you can decide from.


Quite expensive

This product is expensive, no question about that. However, the quality and the value that you get when you purchase this product is second to none. Callaway is a respected golf brand, and if you want to use their product, you have to open your wallet.

Comes with a cart bag

This set comes with a cart bag, and some folks might prefer a stand bag.


Golfing is an interesting sport, and it gets even better when you are using the right equipment. As a female golfer, getting a perfect golf set might seem a bit like shopping; it gets hard to decide on what you want. However, you cannot go wrong with this Callaway Solaire women’s set. All the features that you have seen in this review are backed and confirmed by multiple customers around the globe. The only significant issue that you might have with this product is the price. Regardless, it is better to spend good money on high-quality products rather than getting cheaper products and increasing your maintenance cost. However, if you don’t have the funds required for this set, there are other excellent products manufactured by Callaway. Enjoy!