How To Break 80: Ultimate Step-By-Step Process


Breaking 80 can be classified as the ultimate frontier for numerous golfers. In this writing we would like to discuss about what aspects of your game need to be boosted in order to always break 80. Moreover, we will like to disperse many of the misconceptions that occur.

Ben Hogan popularly wrote in his book “The modern fundamental of golf” he said he concluded that every individual golfer had the potential to break 80, and we totally concur with him. While it’s not simple, we reckon that if you put your eyes on a few important marks you can make it occur.

His whole golfing profession has been around breaking 80. It took him almost 15 years to reach a place where he shoot in the 70s in over 95% of the rounds he played, and we will love to discuss with you what we’ve discovered along the way, as well as from seeing other golfers play.

Prior before we go into all of that, this article will like to disperse some of the misconceptions out there, and offer a little quantity of fact.

The Myths

Here’s a little things this article need to clear up before we move into what outcomes you’ll expect to make on your trip to breaking 80.

To be able to always break 80 you don’t have to:

Prepare many birdies (if at all)

Strike a lot of fairways you can omit more than half of them.

Strike a quantity of greens you can strike as small as 7 a rounds.

Deplete putts from over 10 bottoms.

Breaking 80 doesn’t actually look like majority of golf players believe it does. You are not shooting at pins and putting together birdie putts right and left. It’s mainly about eradicating the big errors, and ensuring that specific aspects of your game are powerful sufficiently to take you through the game.

In my sentiment, the things that are mainly crucial are:

Maintaining your tee shots in game

Preventing three putts

Striking sufficient greens to make pars

Possessing an active short game

On most classes you can make 7 bogeys and still break 80. If you begin preparing twofold or threefold bogeys, then it will fit infinitely tougher.

So it’s not certainly about your golfing superiority, it’s more about your golfing ability.

What Direction Will You Choose?

Basically, if you wish to break 80, the best thing you can do is increase your ball striking capacity. Maintain your tee shots in game, and be positive you strike a ton of grasslands. This will pleasantly much confirm you will be breaking 80 majority of the term.

You’re possibly be guessing to yourself at this point, it’s simpler said than practice

And you are completely accurate. Accomplishing that purpose is much tougher than it’s told because to increase your ball hitting you need to increase your golf swing. That can be a very time wasting process.

That is why I understand the short sport cannot be rejected by the normal golfer who has moment constraints on how frequently they can exercise and play.

Every individual golfer on this earth has the capacity to fastly boost their action inside 100 yards with their personal wedges and putter. Nevertheless, not all golfer has the skill to drastically boost their ball hitting ability.

This is where you have to make a determination if breaking 80 is your goal.

Where is your ball hitting presently? How abundant greens a game are you always striking?

Do you have moment to train on your swing, and gradually increase that number?

Then reason about your short game,

How constantly do you conserve par when you omit greens? Are you there e putting a lot.

Figure Out What the Low Hanging Fruit Is

If you can recognize the portion of your game that is very unsatisfactory, I think you should set your priority there.

It will much inclined be understandable to make larger bounces in that region instead of attempting to get frontier developments in an aspect of the sport that you are already competent in.

For instance, let’s declare that presently you are striking 7 greens each round on regular. If you are standing truthful to yourself, you understand that attempting to enhance boost your swing at this time is not within your capacity because you completely don’t have the time.

Besides, let’s say you three-putting that you are three putting on normal 4 times a session, and you are only crisper cent falling for par 15 percent of the duration.

I think that if you concentrated on enhancing your wedge game and acting on your speed event on the greens, that you can enhance those figures without a vast time devotion.

All golfer’s game is different, and I can’t say to you precisely what aspect of your game you need to rectify for breaking 80 to become a fact for you. That’s why I assume it makes point to take a tough glance at your play, assess your stats, and draw an agenda on where you are setting in motion.

Let’s discuss about what you can relatively do to boost your ball hitting and your short play.

Buying Better Golf Clubs

It is not like golf clubs have no impact on the sport. Rather, the situation is very distinct here. It is just only normal in words of the other stuff in your bag.

Use the irons as an instance. Think that you purchased the recent clubs showing games development. These are commercialised to enable you to go more straight and distant than any other current club out there.

However, the club only provides you with about one or two shot benefits over extra clubs in the nicest method.

After given the price of golf clubs, it would not be reasonable to disburse money on for that small to no percentage of development. It would be favourable to put it in other aspects.

The Advantages of Genuine Gear

Presses with one length can bring your sport understandable than your generic pair. Similarly, they prepare you with extra predictable games to assist you to conserve time for numerous shots that have an impact of any kind.

The inventions can be of big benefit for several areas. Documents might say that driving gap is not an aspect that has commonly altered throughout the former years. Regardless, you will see that drivers from ten years or previous are more difficult than the current 460cc ones to strike.

Moreover, as long as you are playing with stuff that is from the previous years, you are not losing on much. The clue here is to look for something you are competent of striking effortlessly.

Old Iron Replacement

It is a none beneficial to throw away those former and exhausted irons that you are most inclined clutching on to. There is a reasonable quantity of options of shoving irons out here for you to restore your 3, 4 and 5 irons. This substitution will assist you to be good with your strikes on the ball. This is also the only particular onset.

Permit us to discuss what you can earn in aspects of gear if clubs are not the preference things to expend money on. Evaluating everything out there, gears or items that could assist to boost your play might be the fairest option out there.

You could finalize for those small range finders or GPS to mark out the method or probably shot trackers or better swing assessment tools for your method.

Nicest Gear for You

It is very apparent that up until now you have been utilizing a tool that has been assisting you out with your games at the golf lesson. It does not matter which tool you use in terms of range finding.

Either you agree to select a laser choice, or a GPS choice relies on several things. Both of the alternatives are outstanding. The appliances used for range finding essentially will be assisting you to realize various ranges at the golf lesson as the term reaches.

However, you can figure out the lengths for your golf clubs. You can figure out entirely how far you can strike all of them.

For instance, there is no purpose for you to continue indicating that the seven iron you employ reaches about a hundred and sixty. This occurs particularly when you can utilize the tool to calculate the distance and discover that the iron goes a hundred and forty-five.

As an outcome, with the range tool, you can remove some of the uneasy traits of the shots you took. You will be able to realize the appropriate irons to use for each distance and eventually start receiving a lot additional greens than you used to.

There is actually nothing more discouraging than knowing that you drop short by only ten yards of your mark into the danger. Only because you did not realize how far the mark was from you, the ball might pan out in a pit or water because you failed your shot.

Clearly, it still possibly would not be on the mark of the extent you were not aware of.


Breaking 80 quite isn’t relatively hard to obtain. At the same time, it is not easy. To attain the accomplishment, you must have the determination to survive the setbacks. This main article of step by step procedure of breaking 80 will assist you with the explained situation.