Callaway Apex 19 Irons Review


The 2016 model of the Callaway Apex irons has been great. It was one of the first irons to put player’s iron appearance with massive distance and game improvement forgiveness. It was popular and nice that Callaway couldn’t replace it for three years. However, in 2019, another version with a bang was launched. Consequently, this article will review the Callaway Apex 19 irons.

Callaway Apex Irons Review

Callaway Apex Irons Review (Description)

Like the previous version, the Apex 19 was designed by Callaway in what may be the best ever game iron improvement.

The Apex 19 contains much offset to help performance, however, not much to bother eyes. The sole and top line are slim without intimidating and being razor thin. The way the irons appear in the bag is even more pleasant. When compared to the Apex Pro 19, the differences are easily predictable. This Apex 19 is obviously thicker at its top line and has a little more offset, plus a slight sole that is thick. Also, the Apex 19 comes with a chrome finish while the Apex Pro has a shiny chrome. Both irons are available in exceedingly slick smoke finishes.

Callaway Apex Irons Review (Features)

Great Soft Feel

Callaway designed a fresh standard for extremely soft feel from the forged moderate carbon steel. And for the first time, the firm engineered urethane microspheres to the forged iron. The carbon steel raised the exciting apex sound, and it’s feel. The urethane microspheres comprise more than a million little air pockets that absorb unneeded vibration without even slowing its face.

Consistent Long Distance

The product’s 360 face cup offers a flexible and shallow rim around the face perimeter that releases and flexes at impact to improve quick ball speed for distance consistency on off-centre hits and centre hits. The spin control’s VFT face is made for high aggressive shot-making for scoring clubs for the short-irons.

Optimum Ball Control and Flight

A tungsten-infused and multiple material construction permits Callaway to find the CG position in every iron with outstanding precision while keeping the face cup flexibility. This enhances ball flight, optimum launch, plus pinpoint control for having performance via the set.

Premium Components and Craftsmanship

Apex is duly designed with a fine players shape, premium components and platinum chrome finish, plus a fresh golf tour velvet 360 Grips and a right temper elevate of 95 Shaft.


The Apex 19 has exceptional looks and great designs.

It has a soft feel and precision.

The Centred strike is afforded with continuous carry distances plus great stopping power.

It has control and ball flight advantage.


The demerit of Apex 19 iron is that it has a narrow hitting area.

It comes with a premium price tag.


Are Callaway Apex irons nice?

The Callaway apex iron was already good before the launch of this model. The 2019 model concentrates on feel, fine-tuning sound, and appearance while the fresh shaft aids right shots to be higher in order to drop and pause approaches into the green. In simple terms, the irons are beautifully forged iron.

Do Callaway Apex 19 irons improve games?

Callaway makes some best-looking clubs in the golf industry. The Apex 19 appear like a hybrid between the game improvement iron and player’s iron that is expected. There is a fair offset amount, and the top of the line contains a similar thickness of CF16.


Generally speaking, the Apex Pro and the new Apex, if fitted, would be great to put in games. The consistency and feel are outstanding. The two are the two best-looking irons since 2019. They come with premium price tags, thus, ensure to have a custom-fitted to make the most of your investments.

With great feel and appearance, including its superior playability, the irons offer good service in all imaginable ways.

Finally, it is vital to add that the Callaway Apex 19 is a great set of irons for low to mid handicapped players. They are more compact and smaller than standard Apex models. Its sleek design offers them less forgiveness; however, it still works amazingly. If you really desire to shape shots to greens, they are for you.