Arccos 360 Review


The last five years have witnessed the rise in the numbers of apps and gadgets purporting to offer information on all clubs in the bag and well-detailed stats on where and how to hit the ball. And Arccos is one of the newest apps to enter the UK market. A well-detailed review of Arccos 360 will be reviewed in this article.

Arccos 360 Review

Arccos 360 Review (Description)

This analytics system tracks all shots golfers hit during a golf course and offers data on all of the rounds. It contains an inbuilt GPS rangefinder, making you get distances to the back, front, and any green centre. It has 13 normal sensors and a putter sensor outside the box. You can screw all into your club butt, and it pairs through big frequency waves of sound or Bluetooth using your phone.

It makes use of the phone’s GPS for tracking the place you are during the course in the round. Then, the sensors will relay the information back to your free app on the phone.

If you hit or make a shot, it detects it on the app. And then if you hit the next shot, using different clubs, it will know the extent of your previous shot.

Arccos 360 Review (Features)

Smaller and Improved Sensors; A major feature of Arccos 360 sensors is the availability of small sensors that have improved over time. It is just the half size of it’s the original product. Consequently, if the size or weight was a challenge for you, then this one is a great fit.

Enhanced Shot Detection System; This comes with an improved shot detection system. Apart from that, the goal of Arccos 360 is to be totally hands-off in rounds of golf. You can put it in the pocket, forget it, and concentrate on your rounds.

Enhanced Battery Life; The battery of the new Arccos sensors is guaranteed to stay for two years. You can have extra warranties for about four years.

Airplane Mode; Arccos 360 can work if your phone is on airplane mode. This is made to reduce your battery drain.

Free App for iPhone and Android; The Arccos 360 app is more accurate and precise than the original product. Customers can now have reliable and precise stats in the real-time.

InBuilt GPS rangefinder; Another feature is an advanced GPS that has live shot tracking. It records shots and analyzes the information in the real-time. Using a strong inbuilt GPS rangefinder with an enhanced shot tracking algorithm, you will get more exact distances to the back, front, and any green centre with the arccos app.


• The Arccos 360 has improved and smaller sensors.

• It comes with better battery life.

• It features a power-saving mode.

• It has an inbuilt GPS rangefinder

• Unlike the original, it’s just hands-free.

• It features customized and data analysis.


• Arccos 360 doesn’t have replaceable batteries.

• No much exciting thing to an existing user

• It is phone dependent.


Can a new customer purchase the Arccos 360?

The answer is yes. The price is affordable, and it comes with great features and upgrades. It’s exciting when you bomb a drive and witness visual representations to remember.

Should you be technically savvy to use the Arccos 360?

The answer is no. Arccos 360 has evolved enough to need little technical knowledge to utilize. The major thing you need is to know ways to edit your shots in case of anything.

Does it worth to upgrade to Arccos 360 from the original?

The answer is yes. The new Arccos app comes with some new features that are lacking in the original product. Thus, it worth the upgrade.


Even though the Arccos 360 might not be perfect for some, it is that product that would definitely improve your golf rounds. Significantly, it will aid you in documenting several rounds on some great golf courses in the world.

Finally, it sets performance pace in the tracking technology because it operates automatically. Customers are relieved of the continuous needs of tagging and tapping. Arccos is a great golf gadget that is fun to utilize, plus it is generally beneficial to the golf game.