Mizuno GT 180 Driver Review


Mizuno Golf is now propelling deeper into the invention of metal woods with their recent GT180 driver, which Mizuno assert to be a more civilized capability to alter weight all through the head than the ST180 series. 

The recent GT180 driver is intended for players for fitting studios and golfers looking to wring the recent few yards from their swings, also the ST180 has an easy weight forward, low-spin profile, engineered to decrease spin rates.  

The new GT180 is the maximum fine turn able driver with the identical proficiency to squeeze every last yard from your drives and unfold with your swing. Created on a platform of sooner than ever ball speeds the GT180 brags an inflated range of draw, impartial and fade settings in low, mid and high spin flights.

Set the GT180 upto create the very most of the swing you have. Then tweak over the season to maintain stride with your swing alterations and conditions. 


Efficient Low Spin Design 

An Internal Waffle Crown conserves weight to be redistributed low and forward.

Forged SP700 TI Face 

Authorizes a detailed multi-thickness face for quickened ball speeds.

Fine Tune Your Ball Flight With shift able Weights 

Twin moveable 6g weights possess a broader span of locations for effect on spin rates and fade bring out bias.

Quick Switch Adjustable Hosel

Permits 4 degrees of loft adjustment and 3 degrees of lie adjustment to conform to your different launch and visual inclination.

New Shaft Options

Widened line of high verge shafts matched without extra expense.

Precise Loft and Lie Customisation 

Quick Switch adapter gives 8 numerous locations.


Like the ST180, the GT180 driver has a blue crown that stands out amazingly from the crowd.  Blue being most people favourite colour, they like it, but any coloured crown tends to have people that don’t like it also, too.

The shaping is almost similar to the ST180 moderately long from front to back with a clue of reverse pear shape.  Mizuno’s operating bird logo performs as the alignment support.

Sound & Feel

The GT180 is one of the higher pitched drivers that has strike this year.  It also possesses some of the starkest audio result.  When you grab the ball on the middle of the face, you get a strong sound.  Miss the centre and your ears banged with a hollow crack.

Feedback is enhanced through the hands.  The head doesn’t jerk much on missed strikes, but you should still be able to know the location of your hits.


Mizuno has dropped every bit of adjustability into the GT180.  The Quick Switch hosel adaptor enables you to alter the loft, lie, and face angle.  You can fine pitch the face angle with the Visual Face Angle Slider.  Eventually, you have Fast Track Technology with two different 6-gram weights that can be fix into any of seven roles.

The hosel adapter and Visual Face Angle Slider (VFAS) come together to offer you a wide arrangement of looks at address.  You can prepare the GT180 to sit obviously upright or closed.  The VFAS independently doesn’t have a large effect on the look, but it can make the greatest and deepest loft settings look slightly extreme.

When it gets to forgiveness, the GT180 is very detailed but not the best at conserving distance.  Especially with the weights in the heel and the toe, this driver is a fairway finder.  Nevertheless, if you strike the ball all over the face very low, you’ll watch the spin numbers move up and amount to some distance.


Enhanced feel and total distance over the forenamed JPX900 model gratitude to a broader arrangement of sole weight stances and improved shaft range fending for more swing types.


Category where the crown joins the face generates glare on sunny days.


What will you say about the face angle?

The face angle track with its larger weight to enable align the face when you lay it down at address is also about 1cm shorter and not minding the big look of the weight, it performs a nice chore of transforming the face angle as you change the loft and lie making use of the flexible hosel.


As a person who likes the proficiency to pitch a driver’s performance, the GT180 is a famous Mizuno driver yet.  The weights are really effectual, mainly when it moves toward creating a draw or fade.  If you want a driver that you can rely on to find the fairway, this one is more valuable.