Ping G700 Irons Review


The Ping G700 Irons are designed to enhance club flexibility, offering more forgiveness and ball distance. As you know, golf irons are the most important of a golf club. They are responsible for all accurate shots taken. So, upgrading this irons will not be a bad idea.

Ping G700 irons Review.

Ping G700 Irons(Description)

These irons suit a wide range of golfers. It can be used by different players with different ability. The ping G700 iron features a hollow build steel face; this permits greater flex, high ball speed a higher launch and forgiveness, creating room for instant great performance.

The Ping G700 Irons have features you should look out for; the length, loft and forgiveness. These make it very easy to hit. Sometimes they feel like hybrids with same looks. There are no mistakes with these irons.

The G700 irons are improved version of G400 irons. They have been modified and replaced with great features. According to Ping, the properties used in making these irons is ideal. It is the only material that is capable of delivering more flex power that launches ball higher and faster. The Ping G700 serve as a direct replacement as per size to the G-Max model. Hence, they area more suitable for mid-to-high handicappers who strive to enhance ball striking consistency, more ball distance, and stability to achieve a variety of shots.

The new G70 iron is completely different iron from Ping’s recent inventions. They are very simple and do not come off as shouty, everything is plain sailing. Even iBlade, its smallest iron, has visible cavities on its body. But the new G700 has none of these cavities, just traits of a muscleback iron. It is an iron void of intricate designs that provides speed enhancement required by the golfer; hence, maintaining stability on center hits.

Although these irons may have a striking resemblance to that of a blade when seen from afar, but the size sure puts off such thoughts because it is bigger and longer from the heel to the toe, and also wider with a thicker topline. The feel and sound are the first things you would notice when gaming with them. They sound similar to hybrids, with looks like fairway woods.

Ping G700 Irons( Features)

– Maraging Steel Face: The steel face with a strong C300, increases face flex to maximize ball speed and distance. While dispersion reduces, the perimeter weight on the heel and toe increases. The maraging steel is also used in the making of hybrids, fairway woods of the G400. It is mostly seen in aerospace industry as it is one of the strongest alloys in the world history.

– Perfect Sole: The sole of Ping G700 iron is very wide allowing forgiveness and movement. Also the design makes it function properly even in grass.

– Appearance: Every player want both a well performing club and a good looking one too. Well the good news is the Ping G700 has both attributes. They are sleek, beautiful Hydro pearl finish gets in your face that you would be left with no option but to get one for yourself. Other than it looks, it also has a way of handling moisture, even in the rain.

– Hollow Design: The Ping G700 Iron design allows flexibility, thereby increasing the forgiveness of the club. The delivery of the ball speed and high launches is all the making of a high COR. This iron is basically what all golfer should get hold of without wasting time.


• lightweight

• They are very forgiving

• Ping G700 iron comes in different length that can fit into any golf bag


• They are quite expensive!


Is the Ping G700 Iron adjustable?

No, the iron is not adjustable

Do they come in different size?

Yes, the ping G700 iron are available in sizes. But sizes that can fit into any bag.


Looking for an iron with the right specs, then Ping G700 iron is out for you. They are the best rated irons that fits everyone. The iron is a great tool that promotes forgiveness and flexibility.

Getting a club with just any iron is not the best. You should get Ping G700 if you want a huge turn around in your game. They are reliable and competent, the ideal choice for you.