Mizuno MP18 Irons Review


However, CAD sketches have taken over since the MP-33, but Mizuno decided to go back to the old system to restore their classic MP form, which had possibly drifted a little when new materials came in.

And as such, on the screen, the MP-18 was produced and then given to the YORO to refine and placed back in Faldo’s lines, and then Mizuno scanned it again into the computer to resume the modern development method.

As standard, all 1025E Pure Pick mild carbon steel, Grain Flow Made is the MP-18 irons, except now they are a High Density making in which the grain might be condensed for better input throughout the creating process.

Mizuno MP18 Irons Review

Mizuno MP18 Irons Review (Description)

The MP-18 iron Muscle Back is a household’s poster boy and is an easy, clean sword.

There aren’t many golf clubs that deliver a cold chill down your spine at first sight or immediately put a grin on your face, but this MP-18 ironer did so effortlessly, even despite photos on social media making the rounds weeks before I eventually got my hands on them.

With smooth lines, meticulously-shaped cambers, and perfectly-softened tips in all the right areas, these would be as similar to the ideal looking golf club for the purist – as far away from the current age of Face Slots, Pace Pockets, and sound dampening badges as a club is ever going to be.

As the scale indicates, they are for the individual player. Ok, the absolute finest ball striker.

There is no engineering on the blade here to save a miss, but there are not many misses reached by the MP-18 player.

The feeling is better described as along strike. By that, I mean the ball appears to hang permanently on your face. You sense nothing when you hit a pure one from the middle like the club is an extension of your arms, and you only toss a shot 170 yards with a 6-iron. The corresponding echo, crisp and brief, is subdued and bland.

Mizuno MP18 Irons Review (Features)


These are not going to actually be the largest irons around the sector. It would certainly be best to look elsewhere for golfers finding pure ball velocity as well as ball speed solely.


Although technology changes have created the clubs to be more accommodating than any past ones, the MP-18 is definitely does not come first if you’re searching for forgiveness.


Mizuno’s blade iron is built for golfers who are assured that they can find the core of the club regularly. Hitting on low draws as well as high fades can come seamlessly for the seasoned golfer, thanks to the decreased offset.


The blade and SC model, beautiful from any perspective, delivers an incredibly soft feel and consistency, while the MMC offers extra scope, forgiveness, and a more vibrant feeling.


The blade and SC model lack off-center forgiving, as anticipated.


Should you purchase a COMBO set?

You may find yourself asking whether a combo package is right for you if you are digesting anything Mizuno has to give. I can’t provide any evidence with utter accuracy, obviously, but we have made some fascinating and essential observations over the past season of iron research.

When players touch fewer forgiving styles alongside irons for game enhancement, our research shows that more players produce better outcomes with the more forgiving long irons. Not only is precision higher, but standard deviations are also narrower for ball speed and carrying yards, and we have fewer outliers.

It begins to level off a little as we pass to the middle iron. While maybe not quite a 50/50 split, for single-digit and sometimes even low through mid-double-digit disability golfers, achieving enhanced results for more lightweight systems is not the least bit uncommon.

We have seen lots of data as we step into the scoring clubs to show that most golfers, we test get better results from more lightweight scoring irons. There are often small discrepancies in standard deviations, and pin distance is often considerably greater.

How much does it cost?

The Mizuno MP-18 iron group will be eligible from 9/15 onwards at the retail stage.

The retail price is $150 a club, irrespective of which iron combination you want.


In the long, great heritage of the producer, the MP18 irons are exactly as most golfers have grown to accept from the top-of-the-line versions. They are iron no-frills.