SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor Review


The difference between professionals and regulars in any field is the number of years they have spent learning the necessary skills and the quality of equipment they utilize in their day-to-day operations in that field. If you are a golfer, you would know your golf clubs are just as crucial as your golf skills. You cannot perform excellently on the golf course if you are using sub-standard equipment that doesn’t fit your style of play. If you want to become an expert golf player, you should utilize the right training equipment to better your game. This SkyTrak golf launch monitor manufactured by Amuoc is one of the best training tools you can have, and it comes with a lot of fantastic game-improvement features. We have reviewed this product for you in detail, and we are convinced you will like it. Enjoy!

SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor Review

Key Features

Photometric launch monitor

This SkyTrak monitor is a photometric launch monitor that captures a series of images just after impacting the ball. This monitor looks at the markings on the ball and then calculates the ball’s initial speed, launch, backspin, sidespin, and side angle. The monitor can also compile more complex algorithms, and this feature makes it the perfect game improvement equipment.

Designed with stainless-steel connector heads

This monitor is designed with stainless-steel connector heads that slot in quickly and steadily. You don’t have to worry about it getting loose and falling out of your devices.

It comes with a nylon braided cord

This monitor also comes with a tangle-free nylon braided cord designed to give you the maximum comfort when charging your device. The cord is long, and you can easily use the device around your surroundings.

It comes with a fast charge feature

You can easily sync this device and charge simultaneously at fast speeds on your Micro USB-compatible devices. The cable performance has been dramatically improved, and your device is entirely safe.

Designed with a built-in wifi

This device is built with a wifi connector, and you can connect it to your device for optimum features. Once you subscribe to game improvement features, you can easily access the full benefits of the monitor and better your overall performance on the golf course.

Compatible with your iPhone, iPad, and laptop

This monitor is uniquely built for super compatibility. If you use an iOS phone or tablet, then this product will serve you perfectly.


Brand name: Amuoc


Portable, lightweight equipment

If you are looking for a lightweight, portable launch monitor, you should consider buying it. This launch monitor has a small-size design, and you can easily fold it and place it in your bag.

Built for durability

This golf launch monitor is uniquely designed for durability. It comes with stainless-steel connector heads that allow for safety and smooth operations. It also comes with a solid tangle-free cord. When you buy this equipment, you can use it for a long time.

Designed for game improvement

If you are looking to improve your overall golf game and become a professional, then you should consider buying this tool. This equipment is designed with many game-improvement features, and all it takes is a yearly subscription.

Designed for easy setup

Some golf launch monitors are difficult to set up. However, this equipment is uniquely built for easy setup. When you buy it, you don’t have to wait too long before you can begin using it.


It does not capture shots in the grass or sunlight

If you want to enjoy this monitor, you cannot use it in a place with overgrown grass. It does not capture images in the grass, and it also doesn’t capture images under sunlight.

The subscriptions are pretty heavy

Although this monitor comes with multiple game improvement features, it is locked under highly-priced subscription packages. If you want to get this product, you should have your budget planned and ready.


Improving your game as a golf player shows your seriousness, and it can open doors for you in tours and international competitions. However, you have to train the right way for you to reach this level of expertise and with the right equipment. If you want to buy this launch monitor, we advise that you buy this excellent product manufactured by Amuco. Cheers!