New Callaway XR16 Review


Callaway has been on top of their game in the manufacturing of golf drivers. The New Callaway XR16 is the bomb. All fantastic features have been put in place in order to meet every golfer’s standard. They are one of the newest drivers on the market with lots of offer to golfers.

Callaway XR16 Review.

New Callaway XR16(Description)

The New Callaway XR16 driver offers more forgiveness and speed on the court; It has a thin and robust face that enhances ball distance and speed. It is effortless to launch the ball with a moderate spin, thanks to its “low center of gravity.”

XR16 driver features an internal rib. These ribs improve movement and also provide stability to the driver’s face.

This driver is the upgraded version of XR15. It is made from 8-1-1 titanium; this gives it a more significant advantage and makes it faster and forgiving.

New Callaway XR16(features)

Adjustability Options: XR16 driver offers different options of adjustability to soothe golfers. Its options are 9°, 10.5°, and 12°. When adjusting higher, clubface closes, and if adjusted lower, clubface opens.

Quality Material: This driver is made of titanium and aluminum, from an aerodynamic design. This material gives no room to compromise either strength or its lightweight.

Aerodynamic: This is one of the amazing features of the Callaway XR16. In this aspect, the Boeing engineers put in more work to make the XR16 driver perfect. They improved the area in the crown for the maximum flow of air.

Titanium Clubhead Face: This part of the driver is made from titanium. This makes it very fast and forgiving. The R-moto head and face feels light and very strong when handling.

Driver’s Appearance: Callaway made a difference in the appearance of the XR16 driver. They are beautifully constructed with a stylish and sleek look. The driver’s head is long and wide, with a cosmetic line and a subtle graphic on the sole that automatically improves the performance of any golfer.

Extreme Forgiveness: The XR16 driver is very forgiving. Apart from its undisputed aerodynamic nature, the Boeing engineers also concentrated on its forgiveness. The head design is responsible for its forgiveness and speed level.


• Enhanced ball speed and distance

• It can be easily adjusted

• They are very affordable

• Perfect aerodynamic


• Not good enough for beginners

• It has a low response


Is XR16 a worthwhile upgrade from the Callaway Strata?

Yes, the XR16 driver is a worthwhile upgrade. It is the last driver built with titanium and aluminum available on the market. It is different from Callaway Strata.

Are the driver’s wrench supposed to be delivered?

If the driver’s wrench is new, then it will be delivered. But if it is not, no, because there a wrench from the previous driver. So the wrench and screw from other drivers are all the same.

Can I request a different speeder shaft model, or Is it the only shaft offered when supplied?

The only speeder shaft that is offered is the Fujikura Speeder 565 shaft. Though, Callaway offers a different speeder shaft model with no charges.

Do you know a senior Fujikura speeder shaft, and what’s the weight?

The senior Fujikura speeder shaft weighs 57g

Do you know if the 10.5° adjustable option is available in stiff shaft ?

Yes, the 10.5° model is available; you can send in your request for a 10.5 stiff.

Is the subzero model available on the market?

No, it isn’t

Does the driver clubhead have a headcover?

Yes, the club comes with a headcover.

Is the headcover included in the package?

Yes, both the tool and headcover are included.


If you are looking to improve your game, then the New Callaway XR16 driver is right for you. They have a highly defined feature that makes them perfect for your game. Its adjustability, aerodynamic, and R-moto technology offers all level of greatness. And with these being the essential things in a driver, it gives you an upper hand and more wins.

The New Callaway XR16 is the newest option. It is smooth and swift, a perfect choice for every golfer. The only thing that is off about the XR16 is that it’s designed for professionals only, not amateurs.