Flight Scope Mevo Review


Technology has rendered the sport of golf understandable with more and extra golf devices being developed every year.

In 2020, one of the decent golf devices is the launch monitor. A launch monitor is an appliance that calculates what occurs on your golf ball’s trip on impact.

Knowing the ratios of factors such as the length and height can provide you a notion of what sectors you need to work on.

If you believe it’s duration to utilize technology to your benefit and improve your golf game, then the Flight Scope Mevo is certainly the initial place to begin.

Flight Scope Mevo Product Review

Let’s begin by discussing about the firm behind the development, FlightScope. The firm has been giving golfers around the world with leading quality great tech commodities since 1989.

The Mevo was inaugurated in 2017 and has experienced a rare software updates to provide you the fairest of the best.

In case you were marveling why FlightScope got on with the title MEVO, the name MEVO represents.

Measure your numbers

Evaluate your game

Visualize your improvement

Optimize your action

One of the decent amount about this launch monitor is that you can conserve and correlate data with time, and notice how much you’ve prospered.

The Mevo can gauge the following:

Carry distance

Clubhead rate

Smash element

Maximum height

Flight duration

Ball speed

Spin percentage

Vertical launch slope.

The Mevo involuntarily documents video and data and then conserves them, so once you’ve studied the data, you can share with your trainer for some extra advice!

The elegant design can match safely in your bag or the pocket of your golf bag, it’s the exact size to take around with you.

For nicer and more precise outcomes, FlightScope implies you put a tiny metallic logo on the golf ball.

The product arrives with a few layers of these little, metallic logo dots, and you can always pay for additional when you run out.


Ease of Use.

First things foremost, you’ll need to download the app. It’s similar with both IOS and Android, so don’t worry about your phone not endorsing it.

The MEVO app is well constructed, so you won’t require too much data on how to commence utilizing the device.

Since you’ve downloaded the app, all you are required to do is sync them jointly through your phone bluetooth then you’re prep and available to go.

As it employs a Bluetooth connection, endeavor your phone isn’t too distant away from the gadget, because you don’t want to forfeit signal mid-swing!

For your comfort, the interface can be personalized. You can interpret the data the way you wish, with the option of an assortment of interface alternatives.

Some of the choices comprise data blocks, data table screen, 2d trajectory with data blocks, data table screen with standards, and video from any corner and you can personalize the data overall lay too.

This gadget requests three modes:

Indoor – Indoor method should be utilized when the ball flight will be shorter than 35m.

Outdoor – make use of outdoor better when the ball won’t be obstructed by any obstacles, cells or nets.

Chipping – Chipping mode should be used when the ball will be drifting less than 18m.


Should You Purchase a FlightScope mevo?

You arrived at this article gaping if it was worth acquiring this product, so here are some thoughts.

Everything we examine on this page is through the lens of a regular golfer. On the total, seems the data that marketable launch monitors deliver for traditional golfers is overkill. You don’t expect to learn every available portion of data about your golf swing and your ball flight. The explanation being is that you will possible not understand what to perform with it, educating experts and club fitters should do that inquiry.

What are the warranty option?

The flight scope mevo carries a 10 month+ on all gadgets. Therefore, your property is safe


Extended battery life

Worked out to both IOS and Android

Tailored to documents data and video

Gives precise measurements


Not fund thoughtful

Doesn’t gauge everything credible.



Internal camera

Automatic video recording.


Personalized and customizable interphase.


As you realize, Flight Scope mevo is an elegant improvement from the source which is an incredible option for golfers.