Cobra King F8 Driver Review


Cobra’s F8 Driver is the first of it’s type to possess a CNC Milled face, likewise a bounty putter, which is a recent theory to driver technology. Almost all bounty modern drivers urge alleges about aerodynamic operation, ball speed retention, forgiveness, spin optimisation and it’s ability to adjust. But none have formerly implied that a CNC milled face could be the clue to striking shots distant and straightforward.

That is until the introduction of Cobra’s King F8 Driver. Cobra explain the faces of nearly all premium titanium drivers are hand- ground, which brings about it impossible to regulate the consistency between each head.

The notion clarifies why some drivers of the similar model sense hotter than others. Cobra’s analysis indicates that by specifically CNC milling the F8’s face they’re eligible to manufacture the thinnest, hottest and maximum exact driver face on the globe.

Cobra believe the tech’s so nice in their F8 Driver to the extent which ball speed increases for off – centre strikes can be adequately over 1.5mph. Besides, because the CNC milling is so detailed, it’s apparent to put in extra or limited curvature on sectors of the face to boost launch, meagre spin and upgrade gear outcome, which should assist you strike the ball higher, distant and further accurately.

With the accumulation of the initial CNC Milled titanium driver face for unrivalled accurateness, weight conservations and performance profits, incorporated with developed analytics from COBRA CONNECT energised by Arccos, we assume the F8 and F8+ drivers are totally a phase into the outlook of the game.

Cobra King F8 Driver Review: Features 

100% CNC Milled Face: Cobra say it’s the prime moment a CNC milled face has been utilized in a driver, and appreciation to the tech the F8’s face it is the thinnest, hottest and maximum accurate they’ve ever developed. The tech is so difficult there’s three various corners of angle from toe to heel, as well as additional or limited curve higher or shorter on the face.

360° Aero Tips: Cobra have enhanced aerodynamic enactment from all gradients. It implies that there’s aerodynamic stints on the crown and sole, and Cobra have precisely moulded the toe region to lessen drag. Better aerodynamics imply that you earn additional speed for free, with no trade totally.

Shot Bias Weighting:  setting the 12g weight in the heel develops a draw-biased driver, assisting fair the face at effect and put in order a slice. Shifting the weight to the end port fetches you an extra neutral set-up, which develops rarely extra spin and lot of forgiveness.

Ultra Light Carbon Carbon-Fibre Crown: Carbon Fire is the equipment of the period when it reaches to drivers and fairways. Cobra explain the F8’s crown is ultra- low weight, and it is only five sheets thick. It frees up inadequate weight which can be compelled to adequately use, enhancing forgiveness and strength in the driver.

Shot Tracking Tech (Arccos): Cobra are safe shot-tracking tech depicts the game’s objective, so they’re comprising Arccos detectors increase F8 club from driver to irons in 2018. A detector in the grip dialogues to your phone app and documents where you strike each drive. Cobra and Arccos announce golfers who employ it increase by 2 to 5 shots this is likely to just be the tipping level to assure golfers to try.

Simple Adjustability: While the Cobra King F7 maintain 3 sole weights, the F8 driver retains just two, a twelve gram and a two gram weight, which can be shifted around. Whenever, the 12gram weight is at the end you’re going to obtain a varied ball flight club of a higher spin, and with the 2gram at the end it’s moving to become a barely more draw-biased driver. There’s also a flexible loft and a creative pad clubhead most assures the club head will however relax pretty square when altered.


Growths in the distance but however, it will see larger gains in precision and forgiveness.


An active looking crown could be an obstruction. However, absences shelf allure visually.


How accurate is the cobra f8?

Cobra King F8 was extremely accurate. Much of this accuracy, and the extra launch and flight, could have been down to having the heavier weight in the back of the head, which increases MOI.


The Cobra KING F8 driver provide with you some of everything.  It’s a forgiving club with modest but significant adjustability.  The accumulation of Cobra Connect enhances the importance proposition, mainly for those already enthusiastic about shot tracking.