Cobra Fly Z Driver Review


The recent Cobra household of clubs captions lot to be influenced with, especially in the pattern of the Cobra Fly-Z+ driver. The Fly-Z+ carries numerous of the positives noticed in the Cobra Bio Cell+ driver and inaugurates an amount of modern technologies, with the pledge of expanded control and distance.

The colour alternatives usable are no longer the fundamental crucial degree in Cobra drivers, but it is fascinating to point out how numerous the head looks in the different crown colours on offer. The options vacant in this new Cobra Fly-Z+ are colour black, white, blue, orange and red.

Like an amount of remarkable new driver prototypes for 2015, the Fly-Z+ appears very high tech. Architects have taken things ahead once more in the visuals division, and it is clear to detect the top-end model in Cobra’s household of drivers.

Key features.


While the Cobra Fly-Z driver still has a substantial club head, the driver doesn’t look like anywhere near as athletic as its predecessor.  The structure is still also on the round angle than pear shaped, but there appears to be a small extra contour, so you aren’t looking at a precise half circle at address.  The Fly-Z driver is added more toward to golfer finding forgiveness, so the favourable size and shape will necessarily be helpful.


The Cobra Fly-Z driver is geared toward the golfer looking for understandable performance in a forgiving club.  There were a rare exertions to accomplish this, but most valuable is the Fly-Z strength positioned toward the end of the club on the sole.  The purpose here is bring the center of gravity deep and rear in the head to prepare it manageable to bring the ball up in the air.    Taking a look at the sole of the club, it’s noticeable that Cobra positioned the elective weight of the driver low and back to actually become forceful in obtaining a high MOI.

Sound & Feel

Cobra has proceeded with the use of the Speed Channel around the face of the Fly-Z driver, and this has a considerable effect on sound and feel.  The motive is to bring about the face slightly more thin so that trampoline effect will chip in and render the ball more volatile off the face.  In an attempt to make considerable sense of the feel, we know the BiO CELL driver had a rigorous face that had limited comeback than the Fly-Z driver. To some people it felt like the Fly-Z driver retained a short extra spring off the face, more forgiveness, and decent response.  The club face is very well proportional and retains that satisfied balance all through the whole swing.

The sound possesses more of a metallic ping to it unlike the faint sound of the BiO CELL.  This may be an immediate outcome of the thinner face from the Speed Channel.  In aspects of volume, the Fly-Z is not a quiet driver, neither does it sound like you’re smashing rocks with a metal pipe. 


DISTANCE: Averagely, it is an awe inspiring

the Fly Z driver doesn’t misplace much on bad touch

when gadgets click, it holds up with the big boys.

ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: it is a game improvement driver through the sweet spot is the size of a baseball, certainly difficult to miss, consistency is the major point most obtain repeatable outcomes across the face with admirable forgiveness.

FEEL: An error cleaner with ultimate stability through the ball, normal Cobra at impact bright and resonant jo matter where you grab it.

PLAYABILITY: simple to heighten, with an honest, middle to high trajectory, rigid draws.

LOOK: You earn a fashion declaration with the Fly-Z, an attention catching in the bag that looks quickly as you stand over the ball a long clubhead with a wide face mammoth footprint stimulates enthusiasm in many testers.


Lots of spin for some golfers, with a few even reporting ballooned drives

clubhead can look big throughout the swing.

extremely big to scheme.


By any reasonable extent, is the flagship of the 2015 Cobra driver lineup. Yes, It’s also the first adjustable CG Driver Cobra has ever created.


The Fly-Z is an exemplary game development driver that should conform to many mid to high flawed. It’s forgiving, user-friendly and long enough, you might likely worn it out as your game modify.