Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Review


Here’s a comprehensive review of the Callaway Mack Daddy 2 wedges designed by Roger Cleveland.

Callaway Mack Daddy 2

Callaway Mack Daddy 2 (Description)

The Callaway Mack Daddy 2 wedges designed by Callaway’s Chief Designer Roger Cleveland were released on the 12th of July 2013. I must say, these wedges are rather impressive and are the most spinning wedges you’ll find in the market. Callaway released the Mack Daddy 2 in two slightly varying grinds. These grinds offer a lot in terms of spin and carry distance consistency. The U grind provides more versatility and attack.

Turf conditions shouldn’t be much of an issue, as the Mack Daddy 4 wedge is effective in any rough, full or moderate swings.

Callaway Mack Daddy 2 (Features)

Excellent spin; for amateurs who wish higher spins and shot control, the Mack Daddy 2 is the ideal wedge for you. Although this may not appeal to Pro players, the Mack Daddy 2 wedge is still a great club.

Available in Two Grinds; The Callaway Mack Daddy 2 wedges come in two slightly distinct grinds. 52-degree S grind and the 58- degree U grind.

Chrome and Slate Finishes; This Callaway wedges are available in Polished chrome or slate finishes.

Multi-purpose wedge; made for different turf conditions, the Mack daddy 2 wedge effective in the sand and outside sand.

Mack Daddy grooves; These built-in grooves enhance ball spin rate on the Callaway Mack Daddy 2 wedges.

Great feel and control; The Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Wedge is forged from Carbon steel to give a firm and excellent control.

Swing weight and technique; Still the insane capabilities of the Mack Daddy 2, the wedge features a D3-D4 swing weight, which is suitable for player who have problems accomplishing full or smooth swings, and the grooves on the wedges makes for a better sliding through several specialist shot techniques. Due to the grooves and sandblasted milling implanted in the grooves, you can achieve several of these unique shots with little practice.


Rounded teardrop-shaped wedge.

Offer two finishes; chrome and slate

Incredibly sleek and firm designed grinds.

Features one of the highest spinning grooves

The Mack Daddy series has a wedge befitting for any golf player level.

Comes in 2 grinds; 52° S grind and 58° U grind.

Offers more versatility from the 90-100 years.

Features Lamkin crossline grips.

Comes with a True Temper Golf Turf Issue S300 stock shaft.

10° Sole enhances bounce on soft or more rigid turf.

Lower trajectory on full swings


Lower distance on fuller swings

The wedge features a much smaller head compared to other wedges available on the market.

Grind limited to only 52 & 58-degree wedges at the moment.


What grinds are available for this wedge?

The Mack Daddy 2 come two grinds;

52-degree S grind, clean passing from the hosel to leading-edge

58-degree U grind; more consistency and dexterity with its heel relief and sole grind,

Where can I purchase the Callaway Mack Daddy 2 wedge?

You can purchase the Callaway Mack Daddy 2 wedges from the Callaway official page or Amazon, with the two wedges to choose from.

Is the Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Wedge worth investing in?

Yes! The Callaway Mack Daddy 2 wedge is definitely worth it, with a sleek design and two model grinds for the wedge to give you more spin consistency and ball higher launch.


The Callaway Mack Daddy 2 gives you full automated control over a specialty of shot techniques, and the smaller head is sure to help you achieve incredible shots over any rough.

The sleek design of the Mack Daddy 2 is simply stunning and makes for a great selection of diverse and challenging course conditions. Ask an amateur golfer what they truly want from a wedge? And the answer is simple, more spin! That’s what the Mack daddy 2 offers, 25-percent more spin, firm and great feel, and grooves milled to precise tolerance to give you that much-craved spin. Choose from the two grinds 52° A grind or 58° degree bring which best does the job. Roger Cleveland did wonders with the Mack Daddy 2, so you can have a fantastic turf time.