TaylorMade M4 Driver Review


The TaylorMade M4 driver is a simple asset that improves its previous version, the M3, by providing more steadiness across the clubhead for increased maximum range and forgiveness. The device is designed for the mid handicapper that wants to focus mainly on an essential strategy to their fairway game, unlike whistles and bells, despite the absence of developed adjustable functionalities. The M4 has a broader model of the firm’s perfected Hammerhead frame, which directs more power to the golf ball, and Twist Face innovation helps increase the device’s forgiveness. The device does come with a movable loft sleeve, which allows users to change the direction of their clubface between one degree, whether in direction for a low or high angular velocity at impact.

TaylorMade M4 Driver Full Review (description)

The driver has a Geocoustic surface that wraps around the back of the club. The Geocoustic sole, which works in tandem with the standard weight at the crown’s side, is created to enhance its driver’s result and feel, particularly when likened to the M3. The M4 is an excellent club essential to consider if users are prepared to make a reasonable improvement to their playoff the fairway. It is a well-made driver that operates well for the mid handicapper. To take full regulate of their tee box game, golfers use the most up-to-date device innovation. The M4 doesn’t have any customizable measurement in the edge of the sole, but it has a customizable loft sleeve to enable users to reach the picture height people want daily. Users obtain further accuracy as a golfer through activating the shot skill users wish to, which is essential for consistently getting low scores. The loft sleeve on the club is really developed, and it not only significantly reduces launch angle under challenging conditions such as strong winds, but it also enables users to increase one’s shot height whenever users want to reap the benefits of that effective downwind. So, just because the M4’s weighting isn’t customizable doesn’t mean it wasn’t built with cutting-edge technology in view.

TaylorMade M4 Driver Full Review (features)


The M4’s broadened Hammerhead Slot, which sits underneath the device’s surface, is among the most significant upgrades. The slot is accountable for one of TaylorMade’s most important high points ever seen on a device. Consequently, the M4’s lovely spot offers the golfer with extraordinary range and extra forgiveness for increased consistency. The Hammerhead Slot and the outer region of M4’s face have been strengthened for more versatility and forgiveness. The head’s area has been controlled and maintained to improve ball speed on reduced strikes while also lessening spin for optimum handle and distance. The Hammerhead Slot is amongst the principal factors why the M4 is such a good driver for mid handicappers searching for much range and forgiveness from their driver.


The Hammerhead and the Geocoustic sole significantly influence the noise and feel of the TaylorMade M4 driver. Whereas if Geocoustic sole rings a bell, that’s because TaylorMade has successfully used it before. The concept is that the sole is formed so that the user gets the best tone and feel. As a consequence, the M4 driver has an excellent and robust feeling to it.


Whenever it comes to updating their driver, every golfer must think about forgiveness. Better devices with the potential to make shots up straight and longer bring a new level and enthusiasm to any golfer’s game. For fresh drivers, forgiveness is achieved by sculpting the face of the club. Golfers can decrease the risk of off-center hits off the toe or hosel using new drivers, which have a distorted profile. When contemplating how every one of the features of the driver interacts, the clubhead is undoubtedly the most significant since it is the part that makes an impact with the golf ball.


Forgiving, great feel, cheaper than M3


Minimal distance gains on M2


  1. Is a driver that can be adjusted better than one that can’t?

Golfers of all ability levels, including those with high handicaps, will benefit from customizable drivers. Golfers that require help battling a nasty slice or have difficulty achieving a lift off the tee can appreciate the opportunity to change their shot length and the form of their drives. For novice golfers who have not yet mastered their basics, these feature-rich drivers can be far more club. Instead of spending a lot of money on a driver, including all the bells and whistles, it may be better to consider a driver with a stable setting that is reliable for these less-skilled workers.

  1. What kind of golfer is a better fit for the M4?

The club is designed to assist mid-handicappers in addressing the shortcomings that prevent them from succeeding and achieving lower scores.

  1. Is it possible for high handicappers to succeed with the M4?

High handicappers will benefit from a customizable driver such as the M4; however, due to their weak technical commitment to the game, they are likely to be utterly inaccurate off the tee.


The TaylorMade M4 driver needs few modifications and is easy to use. The shaft adapter can still be used to modify loft and lie, but there are not many weights to turn in the club’s CG. Luckily, the M4 is an intense club that doesn’t require many of the extra features.