Precision Pro NX7 Review


Superb bits of equipment are laser rangefinders. They’re a fast way to cut a few strokes off your game when out on the course and giving you a little more faith. It’s critical to have excellent precision, batter life, zoom, and the capacity to lock into the designated destination with the best laser rangefinders. When the computer is lightweight and looks comfortable in your hands, it is also perfect. On each of these levels, the NX7 laser rangefinder performs well and is paid accordingly. It’s definitely the best laser rangefinder for cash, monetarily compensated.

Precision Pro NX7 Review

Precision Pro NX7 Review (Description)

Your yardage is at the edge when you glance inside the viewfinder. There is an M1 on the left, as well as an M2. M1 doesn’t have a hill. The slope mode is M2. It will inform you if you strikes uphill or downhill in slope mode, and the alter in distance, premised on this elevation. The range still appears at the base of the viewfinder when you focus on your target with M2, so you can now see your modified distance at the end.

In tournament play, the Slope function is not activated, and by pressing a button it is very easy to swap between M1 and M2. The only feature that helps me a little uncomfortable about using this functionality in a tournament is that whether the Slope functionality has been switched on or off, there is no external toggle to easily detect it.

When we got the Precision Pro NX7 Model Slope Rangefinder, the yards were already established. The rule guide, which is simple to understand, demonstrates quite clearly how to adjust the setting to meters if needed.

Precision Pro NX7 Review (Features)

Configure & Simplicity of Use

As all current lasers, the NX7 Pro is very simple to use. To trigger it, press the power button, focus, push power back, and the distance depicts on the display.

There are more possibilities on the NX7 Pro than with the Nexus or NX7.  You can move between yards and miles by making use of the Mode switch, and you can switch the slope change on and off.

My one concern is the door to the charger. As compared to the quarter-turn doors on certain other rangefinders, it has to be turned multiple times to open or shut it. That may not be a challenge on its own, but the cap is partially removable, which can make it difficult to maneuver. Since you replace the battery once a year anyway, this isn’t a big issue, but it is worth noting.

Precision & Quality

The NX7 Pro features two main Nexus modifications: volume and pace. It is 25 percent lighter, just 5.4 ounces in weight, and 30 percent faster. It achieves these things without losing the most significant feature of a rangefinder: precision.

The lengths to the 10th of a yard are shown and targets are measured as far as 400 yards away.


Immune to flood

Substitution of Free Battery

Feels good in your hand/not uncomfortable to hold

A decent scale

Immune to Shock

Warranty of 2 years


For non-slope application, no existing confirmation


Can distances in meters be given by the Rangefinder?

Yeah. Yes. You will move between both meters and yards.

How far will objectives and distances be acquired by the Rangefinder?

The rangefinder can reach distances of up to 400 yards on targets.

How do I know if NX7 is compatible with the USGA?

As with triggered lights or turn plates and faceplates, no external warning exists. Seeing through the viewfinder is the only indicator for measuring if you’re out of slope phase. The show will be in non-slope mode M1. When in Slope Mode, the show reads M2.

To see if your system is in accordance, you will have to consult with your course and tournament authorities.


One of the biggest selling points is the Precision Pro NX7 Laser Rangefinder. It blends the Bushnell lightweight style and versatility with the Tec price range. The one drawback is that the Precision Pro does not come with a convenient software like the Bushnell, but it is considerably lower priced as well.

That would be the rangefinder for you, if you’re a medium to an experienced golfer and are passionate about the game. I’d consider picking up the slope variant with the minor price boost to help you lock in your distances. It will assist you with elevation changes to take the correct club and the 2-year warranty means that you are safe for the near future.