Mizuno ST 180 Driver Review

Mizuno ST 180 Driver Review (Description)

This has pleasant looking design with simple layout and positioning, it has the really elegant polished blue appearance. Wave sole towards the face, a constant pressure located at the back, as well as a relatively small but clear Mizuno logo are featured in the lower part. The headpin is very tall, the head at the place is partially closed, and a little bit towards the feet tends to make up the sweet spot. My view personally is that a lot of handicaps would be attracted to the Mizuno ST180 driver. This drive does not sound very noisy but neither does it sound muted.  Wrong hit only sounds barely different from solid shots.

There is a customizable loft cover for the Mizuno ST180 driver, but besides that, this seems a pretty no-nonsense device.

Mizuno ST 180 Driver Review (features)

Wave technology

Improving COR and ball velocity, primary shockwave and Wave geometry reduces and increases on impact. It enables loads to be shifted forward and low reducing spin rate and increase launch without entirely losing forgiveness.

Capability to Work

May not be the most workable product, perhaps. But for many, let’s admit it, the times of sliding cuts and spinning tee drawings are disappearing. If a golfer can strike an accurate, smooth, high shot, he can reach the fairway on just about any golf course to play well.


This is a great driver which can be used to drive booms. Also, at highest level of the ball velocity on the industry, early indicators also have this driver


There’s an explanation why this driver’s forgiveness is remarkable, to be honest: it’s only because the spinning isn’t usually low. Just as golf club producers strive to effectively balance forgiveness with low spinning there is a drawback at the end of the day. The spin is a bit below standard in the situation of the ST180, and indeed the forgiveness is still very strong. Everywhere around the face, you can maintain contact while seeing respectable ball rates. Possibilities are that your ball will remain with in fairway only if you make a horrible swing.

Filled with Options

This device offer device many options for its users. Featuring Mizuno’s four-degree variable hosel, the ST180 driver consisted of two parts: regular, with a 7.5-to-11.5-degree loft range, and elevated launch, from a 10.5 to 14.5-degree loft range. A part of the regular matching design, the product will offer a choice of 12 no-upcharge shaft choices, which mostly include Mitsubishi’s Tensei, Kuro Kage and Bassara shafts.

Waffle Crown

Additional weight is saved by an internal Waffle Crown (a very light waffle pattern), that is shifted low and forward to create a significant launch.


Compared to past versions, feel & sound are enhanced.

Great performer all-around.

Good flight with capacity to work.

Splendid distance and forgiveness.

Acceleration due to gravity in the head is lower and further back, increasing forgiveness and creating an optimal launch.


Without all the correct configuration, it can produce low or really bad performance.

Everyone isn’t going to really like the dark blue color.

Many also really do not like the light weight of the device.


Can a new customer purchase the Mizuno ST 180 Drive?

The answer is yes. The price is affordable, and it works effectively, it is very easy to use for new golfers. It is durable.

What does upright settings on my Mizuno ST 180 Drive?

This more upright setting actually slightly bends the face to just the left of the goal. Even, when you raise the loft on an adjusted driver, the face will always close slightly.


The Mizuno ST 180 is a good choice to explore if you’re somebody who desires a strong, fast, high-quality driver which does everything well.