Mizuno JPX 900 Driver Review


Recently, their big sticks have been outweighed by mega-brands like Callaway, mainly because their drivers have been some way behind these managers in tasks of performance, but similarly due to an absence of dealing on metals.

However, this could be almost to reverse in 2017 with the opening of the JPX9000. This could accelerate Mizuno around into the great time. After a few years of nice tuning and crescendo, the chorus has reached. To know more about it mizuno jpx 900check here.

Key Features.


Mizuno’s signature blue crown looks as radiant as always. Yet only a 440cc head, which high flawed golfers may not prefer, but it seems bigger pertained to the JPX850 at address gratitude to a deeper crown.

The black differs competently with the blue, to give an all-around classy aesthetic. It appears with a Fujikura Evolution II shaft…which is orange It appeared wonderfully funky, but it’s a Marmite product scrutinizing aesthetics.

There’s a lot getting on when you cast the club over, with numerous weight systems on display.


To explain how people were pleasantly amazed by the on-course achievement of the JPX900 would definitely be an understatement. While it’s not the longest driver we’ve hit, it’s so straight when improved. But what people really appreciate is the consistency of distance and ball flight that they receive with the JPX900.

The mobile weights of the Infinite Centre Fast Tracker enable a golfer to dial in the spin produced on the ball. With some experiment, a golfer with a small understanding of what he or she is doing and permission to a launch monitor can bring the spin into the distance that best suits their swing speed and attack angle. Others will be able to reach at related settings solely by scanning what settings outcome is the best shots for them, though it may require much longer.

In its stock layout, the JPX900 would fall slightly below mid-point pertained to all drivers when it arrives to spin, as you would anticipate from a competent player model, but it’s very simple to boost the spin if required for more forgiveness and lengthier air time or to reduce the spin to provide the flat, permeating shot investigated by lots of greater swing speed players.

The JPX900 is not what we’d name a bomber, but it has more than sufficient distance. It is very well a fairway finder and did manufacture a limited longer than normal drives.


The JPX900 is slightly polarizing when it gets to its looks and how it sounds. The head is a matte blue, someplace around what would normally be labelled a royal blue. Those who believe all drivers should be ebony or a dull shade of grey may feel the 900’s paint is a bit extensive, but we learn it’s very desirable and certainly unique. I find it a nice shift from the larger part of the driver market without taking off too crazy.

The JPX900’s shallower profile, unlike the 850, it’s constructed to provide the driver an easier to strike impression. A minimalistic inward rib pattern, which Mizuno calls Harmonic Impact Technology, helps the lightweight head and pitches the effect sound. According to Mizuno, it provides the driver a strong, solid sound. Where the firm’s JPX-EZ has a very flashy and loud effect sound, the 900’s note is simpler on the ears, all though you won’t misunderstand it for persimmon.


It has lighter CORTEC face with a larger sweet spot which implies in terrific ball speed and forgiveness

Apparent extra distance

With 16g of mobile weight, VFA and toe & heel Fast Track, you have premium flexibility at your custody

The Harmonic Impact Technology generates a lovely sound


The club may forfeit some distance against some of its opponents but that is likewise counteracted by consistency.


Does it worth its value for Money

There are two justifications Mizuno deems it fit to inquire you $500 for this device. First of all, they are top quality materials we are discussing here. The technology that has got on into this club is simply state of the art, and they’ve bought every little fact enclosed, even the sound at effect.


It trades limited yardage for adequate consistency, but golf’s a whole extra fun from the low grass. Give the JPX 900 a strike if you want a personalized driver that breaks an occasional more fairways.