Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood Review


The Callaway MAVRIK fairway is technology navigated, also maintains a formal, albeit unique, look.  Amazing ball speed and effective distance.  Slight bring out preference.

Best Callaway Fairway Woods

Callaway is one of the greatly reputable golf signatures in the industry and as such it should come as no shock it produces some of the best fairway woods on the demand too. Criteria that not only find their way into Tour players backpacks, but also great flaw players too.

They encompass a large extent of capability categories, whether you’re looking for additional distance, workability or nicer dispersal with your fairways and hybrids, there’s an example for you.

You don’t have to study tour golf for too long before you’ll notice Callaway’s very fast and elegant fairway woods on show. Henrik Stenson understand a thing or two about powerful 3-woods and he now retains the Mavrik Sub Zero in the bag but there certainly is something for everyone from a firm who create some exceptional woods all round. Beloware few things to note about call away Marvrik fairway wood.

Key features


Actually from an extent, there’s no omission, the unusual metallic orange of the MAVRIK fairway wood.  Boldest on the toe of the club, the orange coats around the bottom of the head to craft a very desirable sole.  The orange pinstripe on the trailing rim of the crown attracts cohesion to the appearance. For a start, the fairway is of normal stature with an impressive round shape.  Solid black at the beginning, the great glow finish recedes to clear, disclosing the graphite weave building of the crown. 

Phrasing the golf ball on the face, the white lines give another visual evidence of perfect hit location.  Face height is simple with a shape that looks facilitative to flourishing strikes from the rough.  

Sound & Feel

Through the Flash Face SS20 face of the MAVRIK fairway, hits developed a crisp metallic bang of mild volume.  The head felt balance and strong even when reference wasn’t centered.  You could feel when contact roamed towards the heel or toe, but all-around response was least.


It’s a theory that’s about, but Callaway has employed unbelievable opinion to optimize every face of every club in their arsenal.  Leaving from a 3 wood to a 4 wood doesn’t just give an attic difference, the face formation is also numerous to maximize accomplishment.

With a single weight found wide and low on the sole, the MAVRIK fairway is built as high launch and flat trajectory.  A ball flight was more wide/mid, with significant rollout.  Ball speed was excellent.  For a game where the 3 wood is all about length, and the MAVRIK truly provided.

The MAVRIK fairway is also manufactured to have a limited draw bias, which conclusions confirmed.  For a person who commonly strikes a small draw, the bias will give him a left predisposition that can be played but not ideal.  And while the prior model Epic offered adjustability, the MAVRIK hosel is stabilized.

The reasoning is pretty easy, but the Mavrik is the first time Callaway have manufactured three fairways all under the flag of a sole family name.

The notion implies each model can be separately tailored down to fitting the typical characteristics of the golfers who are possible to utilize them. And because Callaway have contributed so much in their manufactured brightness estimating power, it brought about sense to let the algorithms forfeited on the fairways, too.


Does all three Marvrik fairways possess new created SS20 cup faces? Yes they do. The equipment takes face bounce back ability from 240 microseconds in former models to 248.

Which is the similar status as a titanium driver face? Factor in the CT jump along with Jailbreak profits and you obtain extra speed over opponents as others can hardly max out CT.


The Callaway MAVRIK fairway has amazing views and feel, but it’s the specialized spotlights that truly convey. Whether it’s attributable to Jailbreak, Flash Face, or the layout of the body, ball speed and density are outstanding. And although the draw bias of the MAVRIK fairway wood occurred not to be a perfect fit for some people, it certainly would be a welcome quality golfers who battle with a cut.