Putting Homework: The 9 Best Putting Drills You Should Be Doing


Most beginner and intermediate golfers focus more on their speed and increasing the distance gained on their shots. However, more experienced golfers know that the best way to reduce your score and improve your game is to practice and perfect your putting. Putting is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of golf. If you hit a 250-yard drive, the stroke will be counted the same as a 4-foot putt. If you want to move from being an average golf player to being a very good one, you have to dedicate time to work on your putting. Practice makes perfect, and if you practice regularly, you would be able to putt at will. You would reduce your score and increase your overall performance on the golf course. This article has been compiled to show some of the best putting drills that you can try. All of them are relevant to your putting game, and you would be able to pick one drill that uniquely suits you. Enjoy!

9 Best Putting Drills

Below are some of the best putting drills that you can decide to try.

1. 1-2-3 Putting Drill

This is a quick drill that you can do before or after a golf game. It involves placing three balls in a straight line and at equal distances. Putts are generally within 3 to 10 feet, and it would be best if you spaced your golf balls out at 3 feet, 6 feet, and 9 feet. Start by putting the ball closest to the hole and then work your way back. Doing this will produce a familiar rhythm that will make putting easier.

2. Clock Drill

This drill is quite challenging, and it is uniquely designed to test your confidence under pressure. To practice the clock drill, place three balls in four straight lines around the hole. The balls must be arranged in a circular motion, so you have four straight lines around the hole. When you are done with this, you should have 12 balls surrounding the hole. The balls should have a 2 to 3 feet distance between them. Start by putting the first four balls closest to the hole and then work your way outward. If you miss your putt at any point, you have to start again. Practicing this drill will give you great rhythm and confidence on the golf course.

3. Tiger’s Gate Drill

If you have a problem keeping your putter face square at impact, this is the perfect drill to practice. It involves placing your golf ball 3 to 4 feet away from the hole and placing two tees on both sides of the ball. The distance between these two tees should be a little wider than the head of your putter. This will create a slim gateway, and you have to putt your ball without knocking down the tees. You can set the number of putts you have to do in a row as you see fit. This drill was made famous by Tiger Woods (hence the name Tiger’s gate)

4. Meter Stick Drill

If you need a drill that you can practice in the comfort of your home, then you can try this out. This drill involves you getting a metal meter stick and placing it 6 six feet to your hole. Place the ball at the other end of the stick and let the other end rest close to the hole. When you put the ball, it should stay on the meter stick until it falls in the hole. If you can perfect this drill, you have mastered squaring your putter face at impact, which is very important when putting.

5. Phil’s Circle Drill

Another putting drill you can do is this Phil’s circle drill manufactured by Phil Mickelson. This drill is specially designed to help you improve your 3-foot short range putts. It involves you placing ten balls around the hole. The balls should be 3 feet away from the hole, and they should be placed in a circular form. The goal is to putt all the balls and repeat the process until you reach a predetermined number. If you miss any putt, you have to start the whole process again.

6. In a Line Short Putting Drill

This drill is similar to the 1-2-3 putting drill. It involves you placing five balls at intervals of 3-4-5-6-7 feet. You start by sinking the first ball and then work your way outward. If you miss any putt, you would have to start again

7. Alignment Rod Putting Drill

This drill is uniquely designed to improve your mid-range putts, and it is quite popular among professional golfers. This drill involves laying an alignment rod 18 inches behind the hole. The goal is to putt to the ball or play it just enough to stay short of the alignment rod. The point of this drill is to allow you to recognize the force you need to apply when putting.

8. Lag Putting Drills

Long putts require lag putting, and lag putting requires training. If you want to putt from 50 feet away, your ball will probably not enter the hole. This lag putting drill requires you to putt the ball 3 feet within the hole distance. Once your ball is within this range, you can putt it easily. Keep playing putts from 30,40,50 feet away and try to putt them 3 foot within hole range.

9. One-handed Putting Drills

This drill helps you to train your dominant hand. You use only your right hand (or left) to putt, and you repeat the process until your putter face is consistently square at impact. This drill gives you increased stability and helps you to feel the putter during play.


Learning how to putt will significantly improve your game. The good thing about any skill is that it can be learned through practice. This article has provided you with a wide range of putting drills. You can practice all these drills if you have the time or pick one that suits your game. After consistent practice, you would be able to putt like a professional. Cheers!