How To Control The Clubface At Impact

Overview There is no doubt that during play, a lot of golfers have to consistently combat the rotation of the clubface. This is due to the fact that the golf swing is always in motion, with the clubface becoming increasingly active during the swing. Playing golf during winter can get better if only you have … Read more

Walking Vs. Riding: The Case of Walking Your Next Round of Golf

Introduction Golf remains a unique and exciting sport because you have to consider many factors before, during, and after a golf game. You have to pick out the right equipment, master various playing forms and concepts, learn how to play on any golf course, and so on. Golfers are always busy learning this type of … Read more

Chipping Drills & Tips You Can Use Today to Break Par

Overview Concentrating on your short game is one of the quickest ways to have your handicap move well.  You can pay a lot of money for a new driver or the best iron this year. However, it’s a fairly good assumption that your scores will fall faster if you can go up and down by chipping it closer. … Read more

How to Clean Golf Grips

Introduction The dirt in your hands and sweat can get into the grips every time you play golf. Even when you wear gloves, the sweat can enter through the fabric and let your handle wet and dirty. Against this, it is generally a great notion to clean your clubs after use always. If you want … Read more

TaylorMade M1 and M2 Driver Review

Introduction If you are a golfer, you know the most important club in your golf set is the driver. This driver is designed to help you hit far shots off the tee, and the quality of your drive will generally determine the quality of your overall performance. You should make sure you have a high-quality … Read more

Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood

Overview The Callaway MAVRIK fairway is technology navigated, also maintains a formal, albeit unique, look.  Amazing ball speed and effective distance.  Slight bring out preference. Best Callaway Fairway Woods Callaway is one of the greatly reputable golf signatures in the industry and as such it should come as no shock it produces some of the best fairway woods on … Read more

How to Record your Golf Swing

Introduction Do you feel frustrated about your golf swings? Because of this frustration, you went for practicing to try and improve your swings and end up more frustrated. You decided to quit golf because life has dawned on you that golf isn’t your game. No need to be in despair again or quitting golf because … Read more

Use your Legs to Play Better Golf

Introduction The impact of using the legs to play golf, especially when making the swing is mostly neglected by most of the amateur golfers. They do believe that the hands and wrist form the crucial part of the golf swing. To be quite candid with you, this is not an authentic approach to think about … Read more

TaylorMade GAPR Review

Introduction Golf happens to be one of the most complicated games in the world. This is mainly because you have to master different playing styles before being considered an average player. You also have to get and catalog a plethora of personal equipment if you want to perform excellently on the golf course. After you … Read more

How to Hit More Fairways: 9 Tips to Find the Short Grass

Introduction A game of golf was meant to be played from fairways. It still does. Practically, you can hit some good shots from the rough, but in most cases playing on the long grass can be extremely difficult. This is why most average golfers find it frustrating and challenging to hit pretty and solid shots … Read more

Putting Homework: The 9 Best Putting Drills You Should Be Doing

Introduction Most beginner and intermediate golfers focus more on their speed and increasing the distance gained on their shots. However, more experienced golfers know that the best way to reduce your score and improve your game is to practice and perfect your putting. Putting is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of golf. … Read more

How to Break 90: Without changing your Swing

Overview  A large percentage of breaking through any scoring obstacle is developing the right mindset.  To be able to break 90, you need to do two things: 1) understand that 89 is 17 bogeys and 1 par on a par 72 course. That’s it.  I understand that every golf player who needs to break 90 … Read more

Callaway XR16 Driver Review

Overview The Callaway XR Driver was one of the vastly prosperous drivers of 2015, and it is manageable to see why it’s still remain a prime option for golfers today. Callaway has verified that accomplishment can be obtained and optimized utilizing a light box that enables swing speed and ball speed. If you are searching … Read more

XE1 Wedge Review

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SuperSpeed Golf Review

Introduction Golf players become experts by taking consistent and practical steps towards improving their overall game. If you are a beginner golfer, one aspect of your gameplay you should improve on is your swing speed. When you have faster swing speed, you can easily hit farther shots and gain more distance. This will improve your … Read more

How to Hit Long Irons

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Callaway X20 Irons Review

Overview The Callaway weren’t so sufficiently recognized for their irons. In the last few years or so, that’s altered as they’ve put up with great steps towards becoming a manufacturing icon for device all through the bag. The X-20 irons are very abundant reflective of this. They accentuate a fine healthy look, a forgiving face, … Read more

How To Break 80: Ultimate Step-By-Step Process

Overview Breaking 80 can be classified as the ultimate frontier for numerous golfers. In this writing we would like to discuss about what aspects of your game need to be boosted in order to always break 80. Moreover, we will like to disperse many of the misconceptions that occur. Ben Hogan popularly wrote in his … Read more