Bulle Rock Player Programs – Maryland Golf Packages


Maryland’s #1 rated Public Golf Course’s VIP Program offers an exceptional golfing experience

For Under $90 a Round with No Tee Times Restrictions or Gimmicks (Assuming all Specials Used)

Play World-Class Golf with World-Class Conditions & Service at Unbeatable Rates in 2016.

Whether You Plan on Playing 3 or 30 Rounds this Season at the

#1 Course You Can Play in the Mid-Atlantic – There is a Package Designed For You & Every Budget.


4 Plans to choose from:

Bronze 3  Round Package – $285                                                    Silver 11 Round Package –$965 
Less than $90 per Round!                                                                                                  Less Than $90 per Round!




Gold 15 Round Package – $1,640                                                                Platinum 26 Round Package – $2,720


2016 Referral Frequent Player Program

Any returning 2015 Frequent Player who renews their program for 2016 and refers a brand new player will receive a free round of golf.  This round will be good for you or a guest.  The new player cannot have been a Frequent Player in the past.  


The Bronze and Silver Programs are Individual Programs and all rounds must be used in 2016 with no time restrictions.  Rounds are not transferable to other players.

The Gold and Platinum rounds are transferable to other players and do not expire.  Rounds must be pre- purchased before the day of play and cannot be used with any structured outing.  Only sixteen rounds can be used at any one time.  Rounds are tracked in the golf shop.

Residents, please contact the Golf Shop directly to purchase your 2016 Player Package.